1. Do I need to be rooted?
    No – But if you are root will enable more features.  It is required for any type of removal.  Even if you are rooted it is interesting to deny the main app root and see all the information still available with next to no permissions (just make sure to re-grant root to get your options back!)
  2. Why do you need permission Internet?
    Its required to open sockets (in the internet security, ports screen)
    Also starting version 13 there is an method to check for updates. For more see the privacy policy page
  3. Is the app free?
    The base version works for all types of detection and interfacing with hidden apps.  It is free and you can redistribute it anywhere aslong as you do not modify it.  The pro key is available on the market for rooted users and enables automatic patching of values.
  4. What data does your app send back to you?
      The only time my app will ever make a network connection is the user initiates it.  My update check works by the app calling out to a url and getting the latest version number, then the app compares this to your installed version.  These checks happen in the app itself only if the user chooses to check for updates, so the most that may be logged is an HTTP request for the latest version number to this server.  I do not even get data on what version you are currently on. I do not use advertisements or mine data or intentionally keep logs anywhere as it is a bit counter-productive to what the apps purpose is Because of all of this it is important you email me if you are having any issues with the app or I will never know 🙂

    **See Privacy Policy For more**

  5. You are detecting my app as adware!
    Email me