Version 14.5 Released!


Version 14.5 Released!

Version 14.5 Menu Item

Apparently the new theme in version 14 broke tablet devices with no hardware keys running on android 3.x.  The  on screen menu button did not display leaving them unable to run certain functions.  This has been fixed in version 14.5 with the addition of the menu button to the titlebar for these devices as shown in above post. Thanks to Thom for reporting and testing this.

Sysscope scanner code has also been beefed up a bit in backend.  It’ll look prettier sometime soon – thanks for all the help testing eschelon.

On another note CNET had an article the other day regarding Verizon and their tracking habits so figured its about recap time for carrier settings and available opt-outs.  Somehow even I was opted-in to Sprints Business and marketing reports *sigh*  I could go on a rant about clear opt-in’s only but ill bite my tongue.

These following links have also been added in-app to known opt-outs section for ease of access, but its probably a good time to check your accounts 🙂

1) Sprint – (Most likely was CarrierIQ for part of this, now ???) – or 1-855-596-2397 from phone
There are 2 categories to opt-in/out of:

  1. Mobile advertising preferences– Uses your high level location for displaying relevant mobile ads
  2. Business and marketing report – Use of non-identifying information (but includes location info…) to prepare business and marketing reports to share with other companies

2) Verizon (Possibly Motricity for part of this?? Unknown for sure..) –

  1. CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) Settings – Sharing of information with affiliate & parent companies such as quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of telephone services.
  2. Business and Marketing Reports – Demographic reports include URLs of websites you visit, Location Information, and your use of applications and features.
  3. Relevant Mobile Advertising – Advertisements shown are relevant based on location, gender, age range, sports fan, frequent diner, pet owner, etc.

Head on over to the downloads page or press the update button in app to get latest version now!

Version 14 Released!

Version 14 ReleasedVersion 14 has been released!  More will be coming in the following weeks, but as you can see there has been the start of another UI overhaul for supported devices to the ICS theme.  Older devices will still see the normal UI look.

A SysScope interface has also been added to this version for Samsung devices – it will allow you to see your “Device Status” and if you are reported to be on a modified ROM what files are triggering it.   More will be added on this later 🙂

This version does require an updated key from market to function.  Please go and update to the v14 key to unlock new functions.  Enjoy!


Server Crash

Sorry to anyone who has sent an e-mail in the past few days – I have experienced a server crash back at home and am trying to do data recovery so my primary machines are offline.  I will be getting back to everyone ASAP – Sorry for the inconvenience.

Godaddy Issues

Yes – I am aware of the GoDaddy issue on my domain.  I have been in contact with GoDaddy support since Sunday now to no avail.  Totally unacceptable for downtime. I have purchased hosting over at namecheap and will be transferring the domain over there.  Hold tight 🙂


*UPDATE* As of around 10pm eastern we are back up live on namecheap!    Byebye Godaddy, lets hope this is a bit more stable….

Version 13 Released!

Version 13 has been released!  Much testing has gone into bringing enhanced compatibility for this release. (mainly thanks to my flu the past week:( )   Thank you to everyone for the testing!

New Features:

  • Check for updates! Now you can check that you are on the latest version.  Pro users have the option to get the latest beta versions as well right from the oven!  See the FAQ page for information on how update check works (TL;DR its a check only when you initiate it for latest version # – no personal info is gathered)
  • Filter Installed Apps– An easy way to filter apps by permission.  Known threats are color coded to be easily visible. See what app uses contact list, sms, location,  what is running in background and more!  Note binaries are also able to be returned without get_task permissions 🙂
  • Encryption Tools– starting version 13 I will be jumping into playing with encryption.  Currently only string encoding/decoding of base64/32 & hex is supported.  Password based encryption PBEWithMD5AndDES supported as well.  Files planned for future release.

Enhanced Features in Version 13:

  • Compatibility – This is a big one this build.  Android versions down to 2.0 are now supported.  Better Samsung detection for phones that use /dbdata.  More layouts wrapped in scroll containers for smaller screen devices.
  • Removal Engine – More universal removal options, better detection in scanning.

Head on over to Logging Test App Downloads to grab version 13 now!

Version 12 Released!

Version 12 has been released!  Many changes have been done since the previous builds with more cross device compatibility (Thanks Team Synergy – and followers – for all the testing!) If you are a former user or this is your first time now is a great time to upgrade with plenty of new features for pro and non pro users!

New features in version 12-

  • Scan for hidden UIs – This will find anything you are able to start that does not have a launcher icon!  Just long hold on the activity to start it.  Great for finding hidden menus, options and programs lurking in the background.
  • Find Running Apps– shows a list of ALL applications (including “hidden” system processes) running in background.
  • Location cache control– Find & display (and disable for PRO users) multiple databases where location is contained.
  • Flash Shared Object Cache control– Find (and remove for PRO users) where flash “sticky” cookies are stored on your device

Enhanced Features in v12-

  • New UI!– popups, confirmations and inverted theme!
  • Detects more adware/push advertisements/sms spyware activities!
  • Enhanced opt-out process for known adware vendors
  • More logs detected!
  • More control for pro users – Option to re-enable some processes after disabling!
  • New HTTPs sites added– Browsers known db is beefed up with more HTTPs sites for security!
  • Android ID support updated– Change your Android Unique ID & Hostname supported on more roms

Head on over to the XDA Fourms for download & more!

Carrier IQ Profile Collection

An EFF volunteer – Jered Wierzbicki – has created an application called IQIQ to decode Carrier IQ profiles back to XML. Their public git repo is in the linked article. In a nutshell, Profiles contain what data is sent back at what interval and to where.

We are now able to see sets of metrics sent from phones. The problem is right now we only have default profiles. The EFF is looking to collect as many profiles from as many different devices as possible trying to find real metrics being “sent home”.

I have started a thread over at XDA explaining what the EFF is looking for if you are looking for instructions –

Please try to help them out any way possible!

Why I love the EFF

So the weekend has been interesting to say the least.  While I wont be going into much detail, you can read about what I have been through over at the EFF’s site –

I would like to to take the time to thank everyone at the EFF for protecting rights of average joes.  Anyone who believes in privacy, security research, free speech, or even just enjoys the right to root/jailbreak their devices may not realize how much the EFF helps you directly every day.  To me it became abundantly clear when they were waiting arms open to provide help and to that I am eternally grateful. Free Speech + discussion about real problems and the right to our security are something that should never be taken away.