Version 14.5 Released!

Version 14.5 Released!

Version 14.5 Menu Item

Apparently the new theme in version 14 broke tablet devices with no hardware keys running on android 3.x.  The  on screen menu button did not display leaving them unable to run certain functions.  This has been fixed in version 14.5 with the addition of the menu button to the titlebar for these devices as shown in above post. Thanks to Thom for reporting and testing this.

Sysscope scanner code has also been beefed up a bit in backend.  It’ll look prettier sometime soon – thanks for all the help testing eschelon.

On another note CNET had an article the other day regarding Verizon and their tracking habits so figured its about recap time for carrier settings and available opt-outs.  Somehow even I was opted-in to Sprints Business and marketing reports *sigh*  I could go on a rant about clear opt-in’s only but ill bite my tongue.

These following links have also been added in-app to known opt-outs section for ease of access, but its probably a good time to check your accounts 🙂

1) Sprint – (Most likely was CarrierIQ for part of this, now ???) – or 1-855-596-2397 from phone
There are 2 categories to opt-in/out of:

  1. Mobile advertising preferences– Uses your high level location for displaying relevant mobile ads
  2. Business and marketing report – Use of non-identifying information (but includes location info…) to prepare business and marketing reports to share with other companies

2) Verizon (Possibly Motricity for part of this?? Unknown for sure..) –

  1. CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information) Settings – Sharing of information with affiliate & parent companies such as quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of use of telephone services.
  2. Business and Marketing Reports – Demographic reports include URLs of websites you visit, Location Information, and your use of applications and features.
  3. Relevant Mobile Advertising – Advertisements shown are relevant based on location, gender, age range, sports fan, frequent diner, pet owner, etc.

Head on over to the downloads page or press the update button in app to get latest version now!

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